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You Can Imagine All Kinds of Things

Today's Prompt:

You can imagine all kinds of things. She sits there, blowing on her coffee to cool it down. You're meant to be with her. She's looking for someone just like you and you're looking for someone just like her. She sees the world the same as you. She'll understand your pain because she's been through the same thing. She won't judge you for all the things you're ashamed of. She'll show you that you shouldn't be ashamed of them in the first place. You'll break each other out of the ruts you're in. You'll turn each other into the people you know you can be. You won't talk about the things you usually talk about. You won't talk about your work, the weather or your possessions. You'll talk about the nature of the soul, what beauty means, why we're all here. All you have to do is go over and talk to her and the rest of your life will begin. She knows it too. That's why she's smiling as she sips her coffee.

You can imagine all kinds of things. She's on the run. She murdered her man after he beat her one too many times. She escaped in the night, horrified at what she's done. But with every day that passes, she rediscovers who she once was. She's emerging from oblivion, piecing herself back together, dusting off the shelves, scraping away the layer of muck to the silver underneath. She sips her coffee and it's the best coffee she's ever had. This is the moment where she stops regretting what she's done. The police could storm in right now and send her to jail for the rest of her life and she would be okay with it. These few weeks of freedom would have been worth it. That's why she's smiling as she sips her coffee.

You can imagine all kinds of things. She's completely lost. She's a high strung corporate lawyer at one of those law firms that have offices on the highest floors of the tallest building in the city. She's on a coffee break between meetings. She's realising this coffee break is the best part of her day. She's realising she hasn't thought about anything other than work in two years. She's realising the last time she's spoken to her best friend was six months ago. She realising she's been too busy to realise how unhappy she is. She's not going back to work after this. She's going to step out of the cafe and walk in the opposite direction. She won't even give her notice. They'll call her when they realise she's missing but she'll already be on a plane halfway to Tahiti by then. That's why she's smiling as she sips her coffee.

You can imagine all kinds of things. She's a fervent white supremacist. You can't tell but her green blouse is covering up a swastika tattoo on her chest. She's the head of a local chapter of some obscure hate group that meet up once a week to complain about white genocide. She's got big plans for this week's meeting. They've steadily been recruiting more members and they now have enough people to stage a march across town that will surely get attention from the press. Her name will be printed across dozens of publications and she'll become a household name in far right circles. That's why she's smiling as she sips her coffee.

Or maybe it's just a good coffee. That would also explain why she's smiling as she sips her coffee.

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