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Fruit Naming Committee

Today's Prompt:




That's dumb.

I like it.

We're not calling it a banana.

Why not?

It's too long.

It's three syllables.

It's got too many redundant letters.

No it doesn't.

It's got three A's! They take up half the word!

So what?

It repeats the same sound twice in a row.

That's what makes it fun.

We're taking off the second na.

Bana? That's terrible.

It's concise.

The A's take half the word there too!

There's only two A's, it's much more manageable.

No one's gonna want to eat a bana.

They'll eat it, whatever the name.

Then why not call it a banana?

Why not call it a bananana? Or a banananana? Where does it end?

Ugh, this kiwiwi all over again.

Kiwi is a much better name and you know it! Look, we're taking you off the fruit names committee.

Oh, come on!

No! The names you come up with are too weird! With your banana, and kiwiwi, and zuchi-zuchi.

Alright yes, admittedly zuchini was better alternative.

Just go home, you're not needed here.

Could I name different things? Maybe I'd be better at vehicles? I have an idea for those three wheeled motorised things.

What's the idea?

A tuk-tuk.

Go home.

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