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Personality Changer

Today's Prompt:

Hello, I'm here for the Personality Changer.

Yeah...yeah, I'm not super happy with how I turned out, I just want to make some changes if that's alright.

No, my insurance doesn't cover it, I'll be paying cash. Yeah, it's in the suitcase. Of course, completely understand you'll need to count it first.

Sorry? What would I like to change? Yeah, of course.

I want to like club music. I'm into, like, 80s New Wave and 70s hard rock and, you know, that's fine, I don't want to stop being into that. But I want to enjoy club bangers more. I just have a terrible time whenever I go clubbing with my friends and they go clubbing a lot. I'm thinking if I actually enjoy the music there, we'd all have a better time. I think they can tell I'm not having much fun on our nights out and I'm worried they'll stop inviting me.

I'd also like to stop getting all anxious whenever I talk to someone I don't know. I can just feel myself tensing up whenever someone approaches me and I just completely overthink everything I'm saying and everything they're saying. People talk to strangers all the time, right? I mean, I see it happen. And they're not getting all anxious about it. They just do it, like it's not big thing.

I also have some weird hobbies that I'd like to stop. I do quite a bit of papier-mâché. I have this desk at home that I work on. I like making animals and stuff. Most people aren't into that, I think it'd be better if I had hobbies other people had. You know, when people ask me what I did today, I can't say papier-mâché. That's weird. So I make stuff up. I don't really know what I'd like to do instead. Maybe jogging or something. Something normal.

What? Oh, I only get one more thing? Why can't I change more? Oh, you'd have to charge extra.

Right... I was really hoping to change quite a bit more.

How much extra would it be?

Hmm, I can't afford that.

Ok, right, I guess I'll narrow it down to one.


I just want to... think less, I guess. About everything. About myself, about the world, about other people, about what other people think of me. I just want my brain to...slow down. I want to stop second-guessing everything. I want to be able to exist for a moment without remembering some reason I have to be unhappy. I want to enjoy the sun. I want to appreciate a beautiful painting. I want to dance and not be self-conscious about it.

Hm? Oh you don't offer that?

Can you make me funnier?

Ok, cool, let's go with that then.

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