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This one is waiting in line for a burger at McDonald's. This one is sitting on the toilet, anxiously waiting for the pregnancy test to give its result. This one is reading the newspaper, waiting for her program to finish compiling. This one is staring at the wall, waiting for the guards to come take him to the electric chair. This one is waiting for the bus in the rain. This one is filling in an expense report, waiting for his job to make him happy. This one is refreshing the page over and over again, waiting for the exam results to be published. This one is excitedly waiting for his new game to download. This one is sitting opposite his silent wife at the dinner table, waiting for her to ask for a divorce. This one is sitting with a broken leg at the top of the mountain, waiting for her friend to come back with help. This one has been waiting to be transferred to a customer support member for 2 hours. This one is waiting for his date to arrive, wondering if he has been stood up. This one is waiting for the plane to hit the ground. This is waiting to hear from his husband who is at war. This one is waiting for her to say “I love you too.”

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