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Sensuous Kissing

Today's Prompt:

Darren and Melissa sitting next to each other on the couch, sensuously lit by candlelight.

Darren I'm glad you accepted my invitation for dinner tonight.

Melissa How could I say no?

Darren Please, a beautiful woman like you? You must be turning down dinner invitations left and right.

Melissa Are you trying to flirt with me, Mr. Burton?

Darren moves in closer. Melissa smiles.

Darren I wouldn't dream of it. You'd see right through it.

Melissa And you wouldn't resort to such crass methods.

Darren No, my methods are very...

Darren leans in.

Darren (whispered) ...sophisticated.

They kiss.

Darren Mmwah!

Darren looks at Melissa with a big, goofy grin on his face.

Melissa What was....what was that?

Darren What was what?

Melissa That...noise you just made.

Darren What noise? I was just kissing you.

Darren kisses Melissa again.

Darren Mmmmmwah!

Melissa Ok, you just did it again.

Darren Oh, that.

Melissa Yes, that.

Darren Those are just kissing noises.

Melissa No, no they're not.

Darren Yes it is. Every night when my mum would tuck me into bed, she would kiss me on the forehead and go “Mmmmwah!”

Melissa Oh, God.

Darren Come on, let's kiss again.

Darren tightly closes his eyes, purses his lips and sticks his head forward.

Darren Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm –

Melissa Darren.

Darren Yeah.

Melissa Alright, I feel like, maybe... you don't have much experience with this?

Darren folds his arms.

Darren I do to. I've kissed like... 5 girls.

Melissa And when you kissed them, did you go –

Darren – “mwah” every time? Yes, yes, I did. And you know what, they liked it.

Melissa I don't think they did.

Darren I'm starting to think you're just not a sensual person.

Melissa Ok, how about this? How about we go into the other room and you a different way of doing this.

Darren But that's the bedroom.

Melissa ...yeah.

Darren There's just a bed in there.

Melissa ...right.

Darren Wait, you want to go into the bed together?!

Melissa Of course.

Darren nervously laughs and buries his head in his hands.

Melissa What do you think people mean when they say they're sleeping together?

Darren shakes his head and hands.

Darren Ewwwwww, ew, ew, ew, ew, ew, ew.

Melissa gets up from the couch.

Mellissa I think I'm gonna go.

Darren What, why?

Melissa This has just gotten very weird.

Darren MOM!

Melissa What?


Melissa Did you just say Mom?

Mom enters.

Mom Where is she?

Darren points at Melissa.

Darren There she is!

Mom So my boy's not good enough for you, is he?

Melissa Your mom was here the whole time?

Mom Get out! I won't have you hurting my boy anymore!

Melissa Fine, I'm out of here.

Melissa exits. Mom sits next to Darren on the couch.

Darren I messed it up again, Mom. What am I doing wrong?

Mom Nothing, Darren. Those girls just aren't good enough for you.

Darren I guess...

Mom Listen, it's late. Why don't you go to bed, I'll make you pancakes in the morning and you'll feel better. Does that sound good?

Darren smiles and nods.

Darren Yeah....

Mom Alright, good night.

Mom kisses Darren on the forehead.

Mom Mmmmwah!

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