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Red Light District

Doris and Anika walking through the Red Light District in Amsterdam. They walk by the display windows where the women stand, some trying to alluringly attract customers into their private rooms, others looking bored, on their phones, waiting for the customers to come to them. They walk by garish neon lighting of the larger brothels, with photos of the available women inside plastered all over the front. Tourists walking in the area gawk and laugh with embarrassment at what they see while the locals walk through it, barely taking notice of their surroundings.

Doris I guess I'm a little disappointed.

Anika Disappointed?

Doris Yeah.

Anika Is this not decadent enough for you?

Doris It's not that, I just...I thought the presentation would be better.

Anika The presentation.

Doris Yeah, I mean, this place is world-famous and it's all...I don't think it's very alluring.

Anika What's more alluring than a women beckoning you into her room?

Doris Look at her, she's literally playing Candy Crush.

Anika Well, sitting in a window all day must get boring.

Doris I guess I thought it would look a little classier, they'd try to make it look like more of an experience, you know?

Anika Why bother? They're selling sex.

Doris I don't know. I've seen some pretty upscale looking brothels in Vegas and stuff.

Anika They're just trying to dress it up. They add all those other things to make it seem like it's all about the experience but at the end, they're still just buying sex. We don't have shame about this kind of stuff here, so we present it openly.

Doris Present it lazily.

Anika Lazily? You think these women don't work hard?

Doris None of them look like they're into it.

Anika They're selling you sex, they don't need to do anything else.

Doris I disagree. They work in customer service, no one wants to feel like they're being serviced begrudgingly. I have to smile at every asshole that walks into my bar.

Anika You don't have to fuck every asshole who walks into your bar.

Doris Different service, same principle. You should make all your customers feels welcome.

Anika I think having sex with your customer is a pretty good way to make them feel welcome.

Doris You're not hearing me.

Anika I am hearing you, I'm just disagreeing with you. You can't hold these women to the same standard as a waitress or a receptionist or something.

Doris Why not?

Anika Because it's not the same thing! Serving someone a drink isn't – it doesn't compare. When you work as a bartender you give up some of your time in exchange for money. When you work here, you give up your time and you give up your body. You lose the luxury to choose who you can fuck.

Doris They can turn customers away, can't they?

Anika Yeah, kind of, you still need to make money though, don't you?

Doris I guess you do. Still, I'm pretty disappointed by this place, I thought it would be more impressive.

Anika It doesn't need to be. That's what's disappointing.

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