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Pillow Talk

Him and her in bed. He's laying back, satisfied. She's sitting up, a slight look of concern on her face.

Him You alright?

Her Y...yeah, yeah, I'm fine.

Him You sure?

Her Yeah, yeah...well, never mind.

Him No, come on, what is it?

Her Can I...can I ask you something?

Him Sure.

Her When you...when you, uh, you know...when you came...did you say...bombs away?

Him What?

Her When you came. At the point of climax. Did you say...bombs away?

Him Did I say what?

Her Bombs away.

Him You're asking me if, when I came, if I said bombs away?

Her Yeah.

Him No.

Her Ok.


Her Are you sure?

Him Yes.

Her Are you really sure?

Him Yes, I think I would remember if I said it, I didn't say it, OK?

Her OK.


Her Except you did say it, didn't you?

Him What?

Her Bombs away. When you came, you said bombs away.

Him Can you just let this go?

Her It's fine, you don't need to be embarrassed.

Him I know there isn't.

Her Just tell me that you said it. Tell me that said bombs away.

Him I did not say bombs away!

Her Yes you did. You said it, you definitely said it.

Him Oh that is

Her True?

Him No, it's not true! What are you gonna say next, that I put my finger up my own butt?

Her Did you?

Him No!

Her Oh, my, God, you put your finger up your own butt!

Him No I didn't!

Her Let me smell it then.

Him What?

Her Let me smell your finger.

Him No!

Her Then admit that you said bombs away! You either admit you said bombs away

or you let me smell your finger!

Pause. He abruptly sticks out his finger. She smells it.

Her It smells like your butt!

Him Alright, fine! I put my own finger up my butt!

Her Then why did you let me smell it?!

Him Because I didn't want to admit I said bombs away!

Her You would rather admit you put your finger up your own butt?

Him Yes!

Her Why?!

Him Why not?!

Her Because that's weirder! Also I already know you said bombs away! I heard you!

Him Alright fine! I stick my finger up my butt during sex and I say bombs away when I come! There, I said it!

Her Great!

Him Great!

Her Great.

Him Great.


Her Great.

Him Great.


Him Can I ask you something?

Her Sure?

Him When we were...when we were...having sex....were you...repeatedly whispering “Take me to the mall”?

Her What?


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