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What a haul. 2 water guns, an Optimus Prime toy, Kit Kats, Skittles, stuffed toys of almost every Ninja Turtle – all because they learned how to solve Rubik's Cubes. The fair was in town that day, and a lot of the stands were offering prizes to anyone who could solve a Rubik's cube in less than 5 minutes. They boys had seen this the last time the fair was in town a few months earlier and sensed opportunity. They knew the fair would be back and so their goal was set. There was an article in science section of the Newstandard which explained how to quickly solve them. It took a lot of effort and concentration, more effort and concentration than they had ever put into anything before but it was worth it.

The boys ran home with their loot, excited to lay it all out on the floor of their room and decide what to play with or eat first. They knew their dad was home when they saw the Ford Fiesta in the driveway. Through the living room window, they saw their parents glued to the TV set. They could hear the boring drone of the news anchor talking about something they didn't understand as they entered the front door. They boys tried showing their parents what they got but they were silenced by them as they listened to the TV.

“What's a Chernobo?” The younger boy asked but he was shushed by his parents again. A little disappointed by their parents' reaction but still excited about the evening ahead of them, they ran up to their room.

The older brother laid out everything on the floor as the younger brother ran over to their CD rack and put on Michael Jackson's Thriller. He didn't turn the volume up too much as he remembered how annoyed their mother gets every time she hears hearing the CD playing after hearing for the hundredth time.

“Ok, the Optimus Prime is mine.” The older brother said. The younger brother didn't quite get what the sentence meant.

“I thought we were going to play together.”

“I did the Cube where we won it so it's mine.”

This was quickly going in a direction the little brother did not like. It felt like his brother was trying to pick a fight. Or, as Michael Jackson was currently putting it over the speakers, he wanted to be starting somethin'.

“That's not fair.”

“'Course it's fair. I'm gonna go over to Jake's house and show it to him.” “What do I do?”

“I don't know. Play with the Ninja Turtles or something. I'm gonna go, don't eat all the chocolate”

And with that he picked up one of the Kits Kats and started walking out the room.

“No!” The younger brother ran and grabbed the Transformer in his brother's hand and started pulling on it. It was a doomed effort, his older brother yanked the toy out of his hand pushed him down without effort. The younger brother landed hard on his butt.

“Don't be a baby.”

And with that the boy was left on his own. E.T. Seemed to be looking down on him with pity from the poster above his bed.

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